Decorating Your Front Door | Give your guests a warm welcome

The front entrance is the focal point of any home’s exterior, and if you want to sprinkle a little Christmas magic onto your outdoor space here is the place to start.

Frame the doorway

Simply take two garlands and place one on each side of the door to frame it. Whether you use fragrant lengths of freshly cut pine or faux fir studded with tiny LEDs, the overall result will immediately attract people’s attention and transform the front entry into a lovely focal point.

You also want to choose a decorative concept that blends in with the exterior of your property as a whole. For instance, complement shiny ornaments in complementary colours with light-coloured paintwork or, go for retro-style candy canes for a bit of levity to draw attention to darker timber tones or richly coloured brickwork.

Add a personal touch

Creating a unique Christmas display for your house with your own style, something personal to you will no doubt impress family, friends and neighbours and most certainly create for a memorable festive display, which, you never know may even become a family tradition.

Let it glow

When your property has elaborate door details, sometimes less really is more. With a string of the best outdoor Christmas lights nestled around the door frame, you can highlight these more intricate architectural features your property already boasts. Remember, the key is to let your decor complement rather than compete with the existing architecture.

Seal it with an oversized bow

A large door bow is an easy and quick way to add a festive touch to any shape or size door and, when done correctly, can look absolutely magnificent. A gorgeous tactile fabric that falls lovely, is truly full and theatrical, yet does not appear overdone, would be a great choice.

Go all out

Want to go all out this Christmas? Do it, and don’t be afraid to go all out! With trees, lights, garlands, and a wreath, create an unforgettable festive greeting. If you want to go all out while keeping it sophisticated, stick with a neutral colour palette. We’re talking about creams, browns, and whites with a small burst of colour.

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