Helping Your Elderly Relatives Move Home


For an elderly relative, moving home can often be quite an emotional, and stressful experience. Remember that they may not be as fit and agile as they once were. Whether the need for them moving home has stemmed from health reasons, bereavement, financial reasons or the desire to be closer to their loved ones, we’ve put together some simple tips to make the process a little easier for both you and them.

Don’t rush.

It’s important to approach the subject of a move with sensitivity. For many of our elderly relatives, it is more than likely that this will be their final move so make sure to be respectful and let them take their time.

Be armed with info.

Familiarise yourself with their new environment so that you can inform your elderly relatives. Take some time to research the local area, taking note of local amenities, bus stops and routes, local GPS and shopping markets, this will help them feel less anxious about their new surroundings.

Size matters.

For the majority of elderly home movers, their next home will be much smaller than their current home, so it is important that they prioritise the essentials. Naturally, this can be difficult, nobody likes to part with items they’ve collected over the years as a lot of the items they possess may be special to them. Take out some time to help them part with their belonging they will no longer need, whether you suggest selling the items donating to charity, passing them over to a family member or simply throwing them away. Just make sure to keep them involved in the process.

Enlist experienced experts.

Consider choosing a removal firm that is experienced or even specialises in helping elderly people move home.

Help them settle in.

Arriving in a new place can be daunting for anyone, especially if they will now be sharing with others in a care home or moving in with family. It can take some getting used to so be patient, let them take it at their own pace.

Give them a helping hand by introducing them to everyone, show them where everything is located and how things are done. Try to take out some time to help them arrange and make their place feel like home!

For those that are living alone, you can help them by creating a list of key contacts, from their gas provider, local council, internet provider, water provider, doctors surgery number and even a neighbours contact number in case of an emergency.

You can download our handy ‘Key Contacts’ checklist here.

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