How To Make Your Property Stand Out During A Virtual Tour

virtual tour

With the Covid 19 pandemic changing a lot of how we work, the property market has had to adapt to various different changes including adhering to strict government guidelines with how many people are allowed in a property at once. Remember that your property pictures and virtual tour will be available to view online 24/7, so some time spent preparing now will pay off significantly in the end.

Kerb appeal

They say that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and for a virtual tour this still applies. Does your door need a quick once-over, lick of paint? Have you got any weeds out front that need cutting? Could the windows do with a little clean? These little things matter and all contribute to how people perceive your property on the first look.

Clean up & declutter

Although the obvious, decluttering your home before a virtual tour is essential in order to showcase your home at its very best. Now is the time to consider clearing out anything you no longer need, not only will a house with less clutter be more appealing to potential buyers, it will also make your move much smoother. Try to look at your rooms as if you were looking at them through a camera lens, chances are, the things that catch your eye will also catch your viewers eyes, so if it looks messy or cluttered get rid! Potential buyers view homes with the mindset of how they can see themselves living in that property, if it is too cluttered, it makes it more difficult for buyers to picture their furniture in your property.

Style according to your buyer demographic

Once your home is clean, its time to style your home in such a way that it tells a visual story. Consider who you’re targeting your home to, for example, if you are selling a family home, you want to focus on the aspects that make it a family home and then adjust the presentation of your home to fit them.

Highlight the best features

Don’t try to highlight every single room. Take a step back, see which room would be the most appealing to a potential buyer and take a little of time to highlight that. You want to focus your efforts on the rooms that have the greatest potential to influence buyers’ decisions and spend less time on the rooms that won’t. In our experience, we find that the key rooms in a property that would deter buyers are the kitchen and bathrooms. By putting a little extra time into making these rooms look their very best, will ultimately be the difference.

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