Modern Ways in 2020 to Upgrade Your Home and Add Value

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January 17, 2020 12:49 pm

There are always some do’s and don’ts when it comes to increasing the value of your home through refurbishments and upgrades. Here are a few of the most quick and easy solutions that won't break the bank...

Once you have chosen the type and cost of work you want to undertake it’s time to begin!

Out and inside jobs

This is anything from fixing door handles, latches, catches or any other ironmongery that usually is in need of some adjusting or fixing up. These tasks are generally quick and easy and make a significant difference to/for potential buyers. These issues should be repaired before the next stage of the upgrade which is typically the decoration of the interior of the property. Consider that not everyone would like to see bright coloured walls therefore consider using neutral colours.


The reliability of the structure is another key factor to address when it comes to upgrading your home. No matter how nicely decorated the inside of your property is, if there are any faults with the roofing structure it is at high risk of causing a leak, which will cause even more problems over time. A damaged roof, particularly those with visible damage, will affect the potential value and as such should be made a priority. Other areas that you should pay attention to are your soffits, fascias and gutters as these don’t only have an aesthetic look but also play a vital role in protecting your home from long term damage.


A potential buyer will be on the hunt for a secure home, therefore it is vital that there is sufficient security at the premises for themselves, their family and their belongings to be safe. Fitting in some high-quality locks and other security methods are a great way of securing your property. Contact local security companies who would (free of charge) provide an audit for your property.


Carefully consider the lighting in your home. Most people want to see a well-lit, clean environment and lighting can make a significant difference to any room in your home. For more tips, why not check out our blog on how to improve your home lighting.

Loft Conversions

The implementation of a loft conversion and insulation may sound expensive... but the overall effect can be dramatic, improving functionality, increasing space and light and other highly saleable features to your home.


Even if you are not planning on selling, you can profit from the insulation and other actions you have taken in cutting your energy bills. Most DIY stores have insulation available for homeowners to get a hold of.


Firstly, the general look of the building should be appealing to a buyer. This will set the initial first impression potential buyers will have of your property. Dealing with the exterior is one of the best ways to tackle this issue while at the same time repairing any indications of wear and tear. From our many years in the industry, the most effective first impression potential buyers get from your property is its 'Kerb Appeal', i.e the external view of your property as you first walk up to the door. It's within these first few seconds that will make the difference between them falling in love with your property or deciding in fact, it is not for them.


A good number of electrical outlets are also becoming a key factor potential buyers are searching for. Look to choosing a few key areas in the main rooms of your home to fit sockets, such as areas most people would position their tvs, beds and dressing table. Of course, it in not likely to add thousands to your home value but it could be that extra thought that ultimately helps seal the deal!


Buyers often clearly consider the functional aspects of the interior, including flooring, linos and the carpeting.

In some cases, it can be worthwhile investing in new carpets or flooring, you could even consider floor sanding, to carpet cleaning. Don’t forget that the buyer will expect this work to be included in the selling price so make sure it’s done before to prevent it from becoming an after-sale job which could go on to affect your home value.

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