How To Get Your Home Ready For Viewings

how to get your home ready for viewings

It won’t be long after the “for sale” sign is up before all the anticipated house viewings start. You should make an effort to make each space a selling point. It’s crucial that a home is in excellent shape both inside and out because more and more purchasers are looking for properties that immediately catch their attention.

Here are a few basic tips on how to get maximum appeal without breaking the bank.

Drive-By Appeal

Ever heard of the term ‘kerb appeal’? Here is where you should start the process of getting your home ready for viewings. It’s crucial that potential buyers have a positive first impression because they frequently drive past homes they are considering before doing anything else. Clean up around your home’s exterior by raking up leaves and mowing the lawn, removing weeds from driveways and paths, and placing rubbish bins out of the way or in a neat position. Consider giving your door a coat of paint if it needs it & put some pots and plants outside your home to make it look more inviting, also make sure to tidy away children’s toys and clear up any animal mess if needs be.


You must de-clutter! This is arguably one of the most important factors when putting your house up for sale. When looking for a property, buyers want a space to look clean and large, which may be achieved by decluttering. Ensure that features like fireplaces and windows can be seen and appreciated to their full potential. Try to let in as much natural light as you can by drawing the curtains or opening the blinds. You could even switch to white LED lightbulbs. Anything that doesn’t belong in the room, is broken, or doesn’t fit the style should be put away or thrown away.


Kitchens are also a vital selling point for a home. Make sure to regularly and thoroughly clean the sinks, fridge, oven, etc. Ensure worktops are polished and cleaned and any other vital viewing piece in the kitchen is on display. To add more appeal, Consider small details such as having the fruit bowl stocked, clean towels visible or washing and putting away dishes.


Bathrooms again are one of the main selling points for buyers, ensure that yours is kept immaculate and clean, scrub the tiled floors, bath, shower sink, toilet, taps, etc and make sure there is no clutter and all cleaning appliances and products are put away. Replace old shower curtains and toilet brushes, and make sure clean towels are folded neatly and are visible in fact,  it may even be worth buying some fresh new ones, also ensure there is a fresh aroma, buy some reed diffusers, use air freshener and make sure to open windows.


this can make a huge difference from making a room look stuffy to spacious and neat. Tidy the beds, try to add little touches such as new bedding, throws and extra pillows to add an appeal factor. If needed give the room a lick of paint, and make sure the room is hoovered and once again has a nice aroma.

Once again make sure to de-clutter, because doing so can transform a space from stuffy to spacious and neat. Tidy the beds and try to add appealing details like new bedding, blankets, and extra pillows. If necessary, give the space a fresh coat of paint, and make sure it has been vacuumed and has a pleasant scent.


People spend so much time making sure their homes are fit for viewings that they often overlook the garden! Keep in mind that viewers will be more eager than ever to see the potential of your outdoor space as springtime approaches. Keep in mind that gardens can be a major selling point, so make sure they look their best. Mow the lawn, jet wash the tiles, sweep up any trash, hang some plants or even some lights to make it appear more homely. 

Finishing Touches

  • Hoover, sweep and steam the floors throughout the house
  • Open windows to let in the fresh air, or put the heating on if it’s during the wintertime
  • Ensure there is a nice fresh aroma throughout the house, place candles, reed diffusers, fabric fresheners plug-in air fresheners around the house
  • Make sure to empty all the bins around the house and move them out of sight
  • Not everyone has pets, so if possible, have a friend or family member dog or cat sit during viewing hours
  • Pack away children’s toys, paperwork, letters or anything else left lying around the house that adds to the clutter as it isn’t needed
  • Try not to leave coats hanging in the hallway, as it makes small spaces appear even smaller and more cramped, pack them away in wardrobes if possible

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