Revealed | How To Add Value To Your Home

According to research conducted by Help me Fix, a provider of property maintenance solutions, depending on where in the UK you reside, the addition of a second bedroom could increase your home’s worth by up to £180,000.

What did the research show?

The research looked at the current value of properties on the market, the value gain that would result from adding a second bedroom, and what this would look like when the cost of the construction itself was taken into consideration.

According to estimates, an additional bedroom will increase the value of your property by 15%, or £43,818 (on the current average UK house price of £292,118.)

Of course, this comes at a cost, with an average cost of £21,760 for an area of roughly 11 square metres. However, this addition can enhance the value of your home by more than £22,000.

Ettan Bazil, chief executive officer and founder of Help me Fix stated: 

“Adding more space to your home is probably the most worthwhile home improvement you can make when it comes to not only improving your quality of life, but also adding value when it comes to selling your home.”

“It’s a feature that appeals to everyone at all levels of the property ladder, so while it can be one of the most expensive home improvements you can make, costing around £22,000 on average to implement, you’ll generally always see a return on your investment.”

“It makes for a particularly smart investment in the current market. With mortgage rates increasing rapidly, you may find it makes more financial sense to invest in your existing home and add value, rather than overstretch when borrowing to fund a larger purchase.”

“At the same time, the value you do add will also leave you quids in when you come to sell, particularly if you still have a remaining mortgage to pay off on the property,”


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