Top tips for moving house during the festive period

Christmas is an extremely popular time of the year for moving home, with enough going on during the festive period the last thing you want is a stressful move.

Moving home is a stressful event in itself, particular partnered up with awful winter weather and the holiday traffic if you’ve booked in your move and want to get moved in before Christmas Day you’ll be pleased to know that there is still plenty of time to prepare.

Plan Ahead

Confirm your move date in advance so you have a realistic goal, don’t leave it until the last minute, aim to move in a few days before boxing day. It makes sense to be as prepared as possible, make a schedule and lists which helps you plan and see where your at to keep everything on track

Book Your Removal Company

Get a quote so you can book your preferred moving day, not only will it give you an incentive to have everything ready, but peace of mind knowing that arguably one of the most important steps are taken care of.

Prepare For The Worst

Don’t forget it’s winter and the weather is chilly, damp and unruly, there will probably be snow and ice, have salt ready for the drive and pathways to take precautions against slippery surfaces

Organise Your Packing

Start weeks in advance, in fact, start now, sometime we can underestimate how many things we actually have so starting last minute is never a good idea, get some boxes and make sure that they are labelled correctly this will make it easier so much easier when unpacking also pack your Christmas decorations so you can decorate your new home.

Christmas Shopping

Get organised, plan your Christmas shopping early and get it over and done with, this will massively ease your workload ready for the move, be fully stocked for Christmas, have all your presents wrapped.

Bills, Bills, Bills

To avoid a Christmas without electricity inform the utility companies you are moving and the move-in date so that everything is organised and sorted for the time you move in. Also remember to pay your bills before leaving and inform them of your move in order to seamlessly resume your payment schedule at the new place

Children & Pets

Keep pets secure and safe in a separate room don’t forget they get frightened and confused in a lead up to the move just like us,  maybe in try seeing if friends families or neighbours can entertain the children for the day, not only to take extra work off your hands but so that they don’t get anxious about the moving process and leaving their old home. Also, don’t let your pets out alone for the first few weeks to reduce the risk of them running away or getting lost.

Keep Valuables Safe

One of the biggest worries when moving homes is the safety of valuables, anything from documents, letters, jewellery to family pictures, look to investing in a safe to put all the items into so you know exactly where your valuables are.

Change of Address

Make sure to inform family and friends of your new address as soon as possible (especially if you want to receive their Christmas cards!)

You’ve done it!

Following these simple tips can make moving home during the festive period a lot less stressful than you would expect, by planning ahead, sticking to a schedule you’ll have much more time to get excited about moving home this Christmas!

Have a drink, you’ve done it – you’ve moved house just in time for Christmas!

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