What Is Current Happening In The Property Market?

The latest market facts…

  • There’s still a strong desire to come to market
  • New property listings in October 2022 were up 13% versus October 2021
  • Demand is now in line with the last ‘normal’ market – and still outweighs supply
  • Buyer demand is still 4% higher than in October 2019

Although buyers have greater choice than they did last year, the number of available properties for sale is still 30% lower than in October 2019. This is a positive for those currently looking to sell their home as they will have access to a wider range of buyers.

Pricing realistically is more important than ever!

The average asking price for October 2022 was 8% higher than October 2021. However, it is vital that your property is priced accurately to avoid any complications further along in the selling process. Our local team of property experts are on hand to give you a detailed, and most importantly, a realistic value for your home.

If you would like to find out the current value of your property, why not try our instant valuation tool which can provide you with an estimated price bracket for your property…


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