Designing your home gym

home gym (750 × 420 px)

When planning your dream home gym there are a few key things to consider, from designing your room in a way that will actually motivate you to work out, to tailoring your home gym to fit your individual personal and fitness aesthetic you can ensure you’ve created a space that makes you want to work out on a regular basis … here are a few tips to help you!

Location & Space

Where you decide to put your gym in your home is important. If it’s conveniently located it’ll be a great reminder for you to work out. whether it’s a spare room, garage or even the basement, you want to make sure you dedicate that space to working out only. Having enough space is equally as important as the location, in fact, the more room the better!

If you’re short for space, it’s handy to consider tips and tricks that can help you maximise the small area. Mirrors are a great way to help enhance smaller spaces and reflect light, making the space appear bigger. If you simply don’t have the space many companies offer slide boards that can easily be stored underneath a couch and you also get gym equipment that can be folded and leant against a wall.

Design it for you!

The best part about designing your own home gym is that there are no rules, It doesn’t have to look like a typical gym, you can style it whichever way you want to suit your wants and needs! When designing, you want to consider exactly what motivates you to exercise, and what would look good in your home.

Everything from lighting, colours and décor to the music atmosphere and even smell needs to be well thought out. If It’s strong vibrant colours that inspire you to work out then go for it, if you’re after a more serene space opt for calmer cosier colours and lighting. All these factors will assist in helping you create an ‘experience’ for each time you exercise, making a space that perfectly matches everything you desire from your own home gym.

Invest in high-quality equipment

With so many options, finding equipment that works for you is key. Invest in machines that move with the times. Peloton is a great example, with its sense of community and innovativeness, it makes you feel like you’re in a gym but really working out from the comfort of your own home!

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