Summer 2021 Interior Trends


Looking to spruce up your home this Summer? Why not take a look at some of the hottest interior trends for 2021

Colour in with yellow and grey

‘Illuminating Yellow’ and ‘Ultimate Grey’ were both hailed as Pantone’s 2021 Colour of the Year. Incorporating both of these gorgeous shades into your home in small doses is a great way to add a pop of colour and some life to your home this summer.

Natural Fibres

Using natural fibres in home interior design is a timeless trend, one that never gets old and this summer it is bigger than ever! With so many of us becoming more and more mindful about our homes and what we choose to put in them, we are now using natural fibres in more exciting ways than ever before! From handmade cushions, rugs, upholstery, as well as feature lighting and even furniture.

Boho Chic

Just like many others, boho chic constantly moves in and out of style. This summer you best believe it is coming back in full force! Are you into music? Or have a musician in the family? Why not hang your instruments up! Not only does this create an artsy bohemian vibe, when balanced with light-wash wooden furniture with woven textiles, it also compliments other trends.

On Display

With the pandemic leaving us spending so much of our time at home, many of us have taken the time to rearrange the place. From moving things around to giving rooms a lick of paint or even revamping the whole place to create a change of atmosphere. There is something really special about taking a few pieces of your favourite furniture, some sentimental items or simply items you feel would look aesthetically pleasing in your rooms and having them on display. Floating shelves are great for this, and with them coming in so many different shapes and sizes, there has never been an easier way to achieve this… and the best part of it all is that it makes for a fantastic zoom background!

Pampas grass plant trend

You must have seen this trend all over your Instagram explore page! Pampas grass is a plant that has really blown up in the interior trend world recently, and this Summer it shows absolutely no sign of slowing down! What is it about this plant that makes it so desirable? Well, it’s the perfect neutral colour and texture that seamlessly blends in with any interior design style. Not only does it fit into many spaces, it also adds a lovely dose of texture for a small of amount of money – a win-win.

Structured simplicity

If your home is your safe-haven then this is the trend for you. Inspired by the Nordic trend is this stripped-back style. The idea is to create a soothing, comfortable, and chilled out space to relax in, a place you can relax and regenerate. The trick is to not treat your home as a showroom, bring in comfortable furniture, from your sink-in sofas, large beanbags, to hearty tables to gather around, all of which create a comforting environment.

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