Tips To Create The Perfect Home Bar Setup

Find the perfect space

You don’t want to be in a situation where every single room consists of a bottle and a glass, instead, you want a designated space for all your alcoholic drinks. Is there an empty wall, a small closet, a garden shed you have no current use for? Great news these can all be used as a great platform to create a home bar! Take advantage of that available space in your home to make your own custom yet functional home bar.

Make cabinetry beautiful

Just a quick google search will open you to a wealth or stunning cabinet options available for storing drinks, glasses, and other bartending tools. Glass cabinets would be the best pick as it allows you to show off your collections. Try to go for a design that blends in nicely with the current style of your home, and add a pop of colour or texture to make it stand out!

Lighting is key

Lighting is equally as important as the overall design. Whether you decide to add some under cabinet lighting, unique pendants, rope lights, or bright LED lights that change colour, all of these options add a whole new element to a home bar.

Have essential tools

Having essential bar tools is necessary to completing a home bar. The most common tools include a cocktail shaker, mixing glass, pitchers, mixing spoons, beer & wine openers and a nice variety of drink glasses.

Make it feel like home

Making your home bar a place that you, your family and friends can go to relax, a place you look forward to hanging out is essential to achieving a home bar with a real purpose. What’s the best way to achieve this? Simply add in a bit of personality! Get creative, add in some unique art, trendy stools and if you’re a sports lover add in some memorabilia of your favourite teams! You can even go the extra mile if you have the space (and the budget) and add in a tv so you and your friends can enjoy the games together!

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