Winter 2021 Colour Palette | Interior Design

2021 colour palette

The winter colour palette is ‘stripped of excess’ offering a ‘less is more’ narrative which seems to be becoming much more important for people who now seem to be prioritising value and functionality in their homes.


Natural Tones

With the ongoing pandemic forcing us to spend more and more time indoors, many people are using this time as a great way to turn their homes into a sanctuary. More interior trends are being inspired by natural pieces with depths of colour, like wood, clay and copper which are all calming tones, easy on the eye and when partnered with darker tones really stand out!


Earthy Clay Base Shades

Clay tones make great base colours for a neutral room. Providing both warmth and charm, it complements charcoal and matte grey tones perfectly, all without losing its versatility. This lovely tone repeated throughout your home, set apart by different textures to give each room its own individuality is one of our favourite looks, whether it’s a matte tile look or even a velvet finish.


Luscious Lavenders

The stunning soft tones of lavender make it the perfect colour to introduce subtly into a winter interior scheme without overwhelming the space! Combined with coolness of greys and contrasted with the warmth of orange, it offers a fabulously diverse colour palette. Want to take a risk? Lavenders paired with a strong mustard tone or even textured soft reds work great!



This year, warm colours are stepping up a notch and making a comeback this winter! Cool, blue based greys are being swapped out for greens and beiges. Green tones tend to have a more yellow, rich, and warm depth to them which makes it a great colour to incorporate into your home interior to really achieve both, a warm feel and glow.

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